Natasha Huff

Natasha found CHICAT when she was in tough spot – directly following a divorce at the unemployment office. Natasha, the mother of 5 children between ages 4 and 16 didn’t know what to do. Her youngest was too young for her to work full time right away but she needed to provide for her family. The woman working at the office showed her CHICAT’s flier and through Natasha’s hard work and CHICAT’s classes, Natasha says “her life and her career were changed”.

After 6 months in the Food Quality Lab (Quality Assurance), Natasha, a diligent student, graduated in May of 2018. CHICAT introduced her to Gold Standard Baking and set up an interview. Natasha was ready because she had been practicing interviews with her instructor and CHICAT’s Pathways Coordinator, but she was also nervous because she had no previous experience in quality control. She nailed it.  By July, Natasha had a job at Gold Standard Baking making $16/hour. Because of her CHICAT certifications, trainings, and her hard work Natasha got a promotion only 6 months later! Not only, this, Natasha tells me, it stands as the biggest pay raise/promotion in Gold Standard Baking’s history. Natasha went from a Quality Assurance Technician to a Production Supervisor. She went from hourly to salaried and doubled her annual income!

3 years later, Natasha says her training is still paying off. She was promoted again and again her salary nearly doubled! As the Assistant Manager of Quality Assurance, Natasha supervises a team of 6 and is second in command of that division. As the Assistant Manager, Natasha often recalls what she learned at CHICAT to help her and even reviews her notes at times from her time in class at CHICAT. When asked what about CHICAT was special to her Natasha talks at length and exudes gratitude. “6 months made a difference right away”. She says “I wanted to learn and I knew my children needed it.” CHICAT improved the life of my children, “there is no limit to my career and I will always have a job. People always need food.” Natasha describes herself as “grateful, so grateful, honored and really appreciates” the programs at CHICAT. She wants CHICAT to thrive and grow because it has changed her world and the world of her children. She wants that opportunity for everybody. When hard work meets the opportunities and care that CHICAT provides it is truly world changing.

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