Jeslyn Williams

Jeslyn enjoys school, structure, and art. As a studious junior at Whitney Young, Jeslyn enjoys the routine and structured time CHICAT provides for her to create. Going through high school as a focused student in the time of COVID, Jeslyn’s main outlet and extracurricular activity is coming to CHICAT. “I enjoy the routine of coming here 3 times a week to focus on art. I pretty much go to school and here [to CHICAT] and then home. I don’t go anywhere else.” She enjoys the space and time to create. “The teacher sets us up to work and we have time to create with all of the different mediums she has and then if we have any questions, we can go to her and get help.” She also enjoys the small classes and the people she has met.

This last semester Jeslyn saw an opportunity to grow, so she applied to be an ASM ambassador at CHICAT. CHICAT is proud to have given her that opportunity.  “My time at CHICAT has taught me the beauty of abstract art, a style which I previously dismissed. I realized how things as small as brushstrokes and choices in color can drastically alter the quality of a piece. I’ve had a lifelong passion for visual art but never pursued it until this past year through ASM and an art course at my high school. Being a student ambassador gave me an opportunity to return to an environment I love, while learning more about one of my biggest passions along with other artists. I enjoyed the practice that leadership opportunities gave me with explaining things to others, presenting myself in a professional manner, staying calm under pressure, and staying organized. As an ambassador, I had the chance to improve my art knowledge and leadership skills at the same time.”

CHICAT is proud to be a part of Jeslyn’s journey and to provide an opportunity for her to grow as an artist and a leader. Jeslyn will be applying to college next year and plans to study social work and/or psychology while continuing to create and lead along the way.

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