Bryan Armour

Curiosity and a way to save money to pay for his last year of college brought Bryan Armour to CHICAT. Bryan was attending Jackson State University in Mississippi when COVID hit and forced him back home. He planned to return in August of 2021, but COVID lingered.  So, he started looking for a job. He attended a CHICAT workforce program orientation and the instructor, Maurice Anderson, followed up and convinced him to enroll in the Advanced Maintenance Mechanics program.

Six months later, Bryan completed his classwork on April 8th and has a job offer pending already as a Level 1 Maintenance Mechanic. Bryan is thrilled about the opportunity. He would work 40-60 hours a week for $28/hour and get paid weekly. Bryan is excited about the possibility for advancement that can come with more experience and on-the-job training. He has the potential to earn up to $52/hr at this company. Bryan’s long-term plan is to finish his college degree. For now, he plans on having a nice dinner for his mom and maybe even getting a 2015 Jeep Gladiator which he will customize himself using some of his new skills.

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