Michael Turnbull

Meet our Assistant Quality Control Instructor and North Lawndale Recruitment Specialist,
Michael Turnbull. Michael, a former teacher, graduated from our Quality Control Class in
2023, and after briefly entering the manufacturing industry, decided he liked his time here so
much that he would come back and work at CHICAT. Here is a bit more about him:
Q Where did you grow up and go to High School?
A I grew up in Chicago (Westside) and then attended Wheaton North.
Q What is your favorite part about adult education and CHICAT?
A The opportunity it gives to adults to further their education outside of college
Q What are you most excited about at CHICAT?
A Students obtaining certifications that will alter the trajectory of their lives
Q What are your hobbies?
A Sports, Taking naps, Food
Q What is your favorite food?
A Tiramisu
Q What Skill/Trait/idea can you bring to CHCIAT
A Comedic relief and a first hand knowledge of what it takes to make it through the class


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