John’Quez Galloway

Advanced Maintenance Mechanics Graduate Spring 2024

How did you hear about CHICAT? 
I came to CHICAT when I graduated high school in 2016. I was a part of their After
School Matters programs and that’s how I knew about it.
Why did you decide to come?
I am the father of a 2 year old girl, Axara, who is recovering from a major setback that
took a toll on my mental and physical health. Rather than sit around in my own
insecurities and sadness, I broke free of those chains. My main goal is finding a blue
collar career that allows me to be in my daughter’s life – from daycare events to seeing
her walk across the stage receiving her college diploma. To achieve these goals, I
needed to come to CHICAT and become certified in Advance Maintenance Mechanics
which gives me the qualifications to work for any company as maintenance technician
making at minimum $26 according to my research on Indeed & Google.
What keeps you coming? 
  My daughter. She is my world, my life, my soul, my everything. Without her, I would be
a lost lamb roaming the world. I’ve been around chaos since an early age and coming
up in such times makes you numb to certain things and events that normal people
would be horrified to witness or hear about. I finally felt something holding my angel in
my arms as I sang to her with tears in my eyes. I owe my daughter everything I can
afford to give and then some to repay her for saving me.
What has been the best part of the AMM class?
  Meeting my classmates and the instructor, Mr. Ron, as well as building a bond with
them allowing me to have a home away from home. 
Which certification tests have you taken and passed? How does it feel to pass the
certification tests?
I have taken 4 exams (Safety, Quality Practices and Management, Manufacturing
Processes and Production, Maintenance Awareness) & I have passed all 4 exams. I
feel relieved that I gotten through all exams and passed them.
What has been the hardest part?
 Trying to remain focused and productive through this course with multiple set backs
from child custody & child support. Also facing termination at my job for furthering my
education while begging for understanding from my boss and mother of child saying I’m
trying my best.
What advice would you give to someone thinking about the classes or someone in the
class who is struggling?

  Do it and never forget you always fail when you don’t try. Never be satisfied with your
current situation. You deserve better but you will only succeed when you put in the work.
Your success will never betray your effort.

 What are your plans following CHICAT? 
After I started talking to Mr.Brown (The Pathways Coach) about my next step the
direction I am going is definitely towards more schooling. I feel it is imperative that I
remain focused and go to City Colleges of Chicago and get the basics classes ENG,
Math, Writing, Etc out of the way so when I transfer over to the 4 years college to finish I
only have to focus on mechanical/industrial engineering class. If an opening for
employment within the field was to be brought to my attention I would leave the
current field I am in for the experience and pay rate. Being able to go to CHICAT
learning new things and meeting wonderful staff and students was a blessing. I just wish
I had more time honestly.


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