Help us transform lives 

CHICAT is a catalyst for transforming lives and building inclusive and equitable economies and communities on Chicago’s south and west sides. The lack of access to learning opportunities that integrate art and technology – twin tools that drive the 21st Century – have deepened the divide in educational and wage attainment, lessened representation of people of color across a range of industries and diminished the diversity of ideas necessary to create more equitable communities. 

By making a charitable contribution to CHICAT, you are contributing to the cost of tuition-free artist-led classes and standards-based vocational training and job placement.  

Please consider contributing to CHICAT to help us to continue to address the need for equal access to discover, explore and learn through arts and technology.  A gift of: 

  • $50 provides supplies for art kits for middle school and high school students who participate in our online design, 3D makers, and digital arts classes. 
  • $100 helps to pay for certification testing and licensing requirements for an adult graduate to needed to secure employment. 
  • $250 provides textbooks for our adult students 
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